Why Kids Can’t Sit Still During Circle Time

Kids are built to move and sometimes, when provided with the right alternative seating, they can give their bodies the wiggling they crave without distracting everyone else during instructional time.

Circle Time Ideas for Kids Who Can’t Sit Still

1 || Scoop Rockers

These chairs are designed to give a little vestibular input and support.  Try introducing them during free play so that the novelty of the cute rocking chair wears off before the kids actually have to use them appropriately during circle.

2 || Weighted Lap Pads

Weight provides proprioceptive input which can be calming for wiggly kids.

3 || Stadium Seats

Typically used for the dreaded bleachers at a football game, stadium seats are also great for providing a little support for tiny bodies during floor sitting.  They also give a sense of personal space.

4 || Cube Chairs

A staple in many preschool classrooms, cube chairs provide just enough support while still letting the child be at the level of his peers.

5 || Back Jack Chairs

This is a convenient, go anywhere chair.  The back provides just enough support for a wobbly core and the seat gives a sense of personal space.

6 || Therapy Ball in a Laundry Basket

By placing a ball inside a laundry basket, kids have the opportunity to bounce without the ball rolling away from under them and over the child next to them!   Try to find a flexible basket that allows for some freedom of movement so that the child works her core a bit during this activity.