Affirmations are helpful, positive statements that help us challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts. Using affirmations is a great way for kids to start the day or to deal with challenging situations that come up during the day. Repetition of affirmations can help kids to interrupt negative or anxious thinking patterns that come with worry in order to refocus attention and change outlooks. After all, changing the way we think can change the way we act and feel!

Here is a list of 100 Daily Positive Affirmations For Kids:

  1. I am good enough
  2. I am the best version of myself
  3. There is a solution to every problem I face
  4. I am a kind and amazing person
  5. I will become a leader
  6. It’s ok to make mistakes
  7. It’s ok to be me
  8. Challenges help me grow
  9. Today is going to be awesome
  10. I am strong enough to be confident
  11. I am in control of my own happiness
  12. It’s ok to not have the answer to everything
  13. I believe in myself
  14. I can achieve my dreams and goals
  15. My family and friends love me
  16. Today is going to be a positive day
  17. I can get through anything
  18. I will achieve anything I want as long as I put my mind into it
  19. I am proud of myself
  20. I deserve to be happy
  21. I can make a difference in this world
  22. I am unique in my own ways
  23. I am loved
  24. I am free to make my own decisions
  25. I can be whoever I want to be
  26. I will face my fears
  27. Today is my day
  28. I am worthy of love
  29. I am capable of great things
  30. I am not a burden
  31. I am allowed to be me
  32. Wonderful things happen to kind people
  33. It’s normal to not be perfect
  34. I will take baby steps towards progress
  35. I will ask for help when I need it
  36. It’s ok to make mistakes
  37. It’s normal to not be perfect
  38. Everyone’s journey is different
  39. Kindness is free
  40. Having alone time is good for my soul
  41. I am born different
  42. I can get through anything
  43. Practice makes me perfect
  44. I don’t give up
  45. I am a fighter
  46. I am ready to fail
  47. I surround myself with positive people
  48. I deserve happiness
  49. My success will come over time
  50. I will practice patience
  51. I will take every chance that comes in front of me
  52. I am ready to work hard
  53. I will shine wherever I go
  54. I will get through today
  55. I will take one step at a time
  56. I am in control of my emotions
  57. I am born smart
  58. I am awesome
  59. I will start a new chapter in my life
  60. Every day is a different day with different experiences
  61. I will learn from my failures
  62. I trust myself
  63. I trust my decisions
  64. My happiness is in my hands
  65. I am beautiful the way I am
  66. I am working on my future
  67. I am preparing myself for the future
  68. My opinion matter
  69. I should voice my concerns
  70. I am not worried about what others think of me
  71. The sky is my limit
  72. Everything will be just fine
  73. I will use my voice to do good in this world
  74. I will spread kindness
  75. I will share my happiness with others
  76. I am born a leader
  77. I am working on myself
  78. It’s ok to have a bad day
  79. I listen to my heart
  80. I am safe
  81. I am confident
  82. I am thankful
  83. I trust my abilities
  84. Every day is a new learning day
  85. I am a learner
  86. I am a kind friend
  87. I am a good sibling
  88. I am a great child
  89. Life is fun
  90. Wonderful things happen to me
  91. I like to challenge myself
  92. I am peaceful
  93. I spread joy
  94. I believe in miracles
  95. I reach for the stars
  96. I am forgiving
  97. I am persistent
  98. I enjoy discovering new things
  99. I am thankful
  100. I trust myself