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InterPlay is a private occupational therapy practice founded by Dr. Pilar Saa in 2005 with the purpose of providing the highest quality occupational therapy services for children and their families. Due to the great demand for services, Dr. Saa has grown her business and hired additional therapists who were all trained by her in pediatric interventions and sensory integration.

InterPlay counts with the largest and best equipped sensory integration gym in the Palm Beach county, and its services focus on improving children’s quality of life by fostering independence and enhancing their participation in relevant occupations in all environments.

InterPlay also seeks to be a model training facility for occupational therapy professionals responding to their needs and the needs of the community. Students from all regions come to InterPlay for training in pediatric occupational therapy and Sensory Integration. We have welcome students from Gannon University in Pennsylvania, Nova SouthEastern University in Broward County, Florida Gulfcoast University and more.

InterPlay’s success lays in its highly trained and qualified therapists and their family centered approach. Most of our therapists have taken the Sensory Integration Certification Course and are well trained in the treatment of children using a sensory integration perspective. However we are proud to be occupational therapists who have a comprehensive view of the child and evaluate all aspects that can affect children’s participation in typical occupations. InterPlay also addresses the needs of the family as a whole and supports each individual as needed.

InterPlay’s pediatric Occupational Therapists typically use the modality of play as a method of achieving therapy goals. Play is highly motivating and meaningful for children. It provides a mechanism for carryover of skills as the child will use the skill again when interacting with other children. The therapy room should be designed to mirror playful activities for the child and provide challenging therapeutic activities aimed at developing greater capabilities and skill levels. Education and involvement of the family in treatment is critical to achieving success.

Occupational Therapy Autism Level 2

AOTA Occupational Therapy Autism Level 2Earners of the American Occupational Therapy Association Occupational Therapy Autism–Level II badge have enhanced their ability to meet the needs of children on the autism spectrum and their families from early intervention through elementary school years and to manage the transition process to adulthood. Earners of this badge are skilled at building an intentional relationship, using occupational therapy evaluation strategies, addressing sensory integration challenges, and planning intervention for praxis. Badge earners understand the value of using SIMPLE intervention to provide quality therapy for children on the autism spectrum.

SOURCE: The American Occupational Therapy Association


I highly recommend Interplay. This therapy has really made a difference for my baby. Not only is he challenged to achieve his goals/milestones, but these movements are camouflaged into play which in turn is therapeutic for him even when he is a cheater pants . Pilar is exceptional at her craft along with her associates. If you are looking for an outlet to address any concerns you have for your child in a very effective way Michelle in the front will accommodate your concerns. Thank you ladies for all you do!!

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