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How do we provide sensory integration based occupational therapy?

InterPlay’s therapists use Ayres Sensory Integration® principles when providing intervention in order to address the underlying sensory and motor foundation that help a child learn new skills more easily. Our approach is very individualized to the child’s interests and therapeutic needs.

Through evaluation, a child’s strengths and challenges in the different sensory systems will be identified. After analyzing the data we will find out what exact type of sensory disorder does the child have, and which foundation skills need to be developed in order to promote better development and learning.

With a clear picture of the child’s needs and strengths, an individualized treatment plan is created for each child. This plan will be based on play since play is a child’s work. It is through play that children can be engaged to interact with their environments, be motivated to challenge themselves, and participate in activities that will help them to perceive and respond to their environment.

At InterPlay, many different techniques will be integrated together as we approach your child’s strengths and challenges. You will see the environment set up to be inviting. There will be a wide variety of potentially challenging activities that a child will be engaged in to help facilitate higher skill development. Since treatment is play-based, it may look like your child is simply playing.

However, the process is very complex and interactive, with the therapist identifying specific sensory needs. The therapist is constantly adapting activities, presenting new challenges for the child, and integrating these activities with the child’s interests and self drives in mind. Through this process the child is then set up for improvements with self-regulation, postural control, praxis and sequencing, eye/hand coordination, fine motor skill development, social and emotional development, and academic learning.

Your child will engage in movement activities which may include swings, trampoline, balance boards, and more. They will engage in “messy” play and other assorted tactile activities.

All activities will be planned with the idea of engaging your child at their sensory level, promoting the optimal level of arousal, pushing them to their “just right” challenge and advancing as appropriate. Children who participate in Occupational Therapy at InterPlay enjoy “playing” in their sessions and are eager to return.

InterPLay also embraces a family centered approach ensuring that the child’s family is actively involved with a constant stream of communication between parent and therapist. When parents and therapists work together, they both gain new insights that lead to a better understanding of the child, as well as more effective intervention.

If you have any questions about activities here at InterPlay, please contact Dr. Saa. Or visit us at our specialized facility. We are close to Wellington, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Palm Beach Gardens and other ares in Palm Beach County.

Adapted from “Sensory Integration Answers for Parents”

Words cannot even begin to describe how very grateful and pleased we were with Dr. Pilar Saa and her professional staff of Occupational Therapists. We had an appointment for an initial evaluation with Dr. Saa scheduled a few weeks in the future for when she returned from being out of the country, but we called her office as our 3 year-old son was in some immediate distress and she squeezed us in before she left. We have never forgotten that!! Our son was able to start his OT immediately with the most wonderful, warm, kind, compassionate therapist that we all grew to love. He actually looked forward to his appointments at the play-gym. We are happy to report that our son is thriving and doing wonderfully. We cannot thank Dr. Saa and her staff enough for being such a special part of our "village". They held our hands through every step of the way, educated us and guided us as we navigated this scary thing called "Sensory Processing Disorder". We highly recommend Dr. Pilar Saa and her staff at InterPlay!!!!
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