Our Team

Cayla Manoff, COTA/L

C ayla found her passion for OT through working at a local school for children with Autism, the Els Center of Excellence.  She have always enjoyed finding ways to work within the special needs community. One of her favorite experiences being working with the special Olympics paddle board team for many years.  She also has a love for early intervention as she feels great honor to witness tremendous growth and progress during those years.  Cayla graduated from Keiser University’s COTA program back  in 2021. She considers herself lucky and thankful to be a part of the amazing InterPlay team, and she’s always looking to expand her knowledge and love for occupational therapy.


P.B. a grateful mom!

On my search to help my son I had good experiences and not so good ones. But finding InterPlay has been a blessing in the skies. Dr. Pilar and her team are truly the best professionals in the area. Their charisma and compassion, professionalism, knowledge, integrity and quality of care are what every parent (who is struggling with their child) needs. They didn't only help my beautiful boy but my family as a whole. Their understanding of sensory integration and their playful approach to treatment engaged my son and they were able to get out the best of him. In every session they gave their heart and he gave them his best. It just took a couple months for all of us to see the benefits of the treatment. Today, I am glad to say that our family is at peace with our situation, knowing that hard work (as we are guided by the experts at InterPlay) will lead us to the right path ...