InterPlay is proud to announce our latest news.

Children's Yoga

Children’s Yoga

We are continuing to offer our Rainbow Kids Yoga group. This was a success during the summer and we want to still run this group during the school year when children, more than ever, need an outlet for the stress and anxiety they carry during their academic learning time. For more information on the benefits on yoga visit our post Children’s Yoga at Interplay.


Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears

We are now offering writing groups for three different skill levels

  • beginner writers -pre-k and kindergarten writing levels
  • intermediate writers – first and second grade writing levels
  • advanced writers– second through fourth grade writing levels

All groups will have a maximum of 5 children and will be run by one of our fantastic certified occupational therapists using a handwriting without tears approach.


Occupational Therapy Feeding Groups

Feeding Groups

We are also introducing feeding groups for children. We will be emphasizing on oral sensory, oral motor and multisensory processing skills around meal times. This group will be run by a certified occupational therapist and a certified speech language pathologist with extensive feeding experience to combine forces and target all the areas of feeding difficulties. Many issues will be addressed from mild to severe feeding difficulties, including “your picky eater”. The social nature of these groups will also encourage mealtime participation and role modeling which are essential in the development of new eating habits.


Testimonials Wanted


We are looking for testimonials to add to our website. If you are interested in helping us, please write a small paragraph of what you think about us and email it to Pilar through our contact form. We greatly appreciate it.


North Clinic

North Clinic

Lastly we are very happy to share with you that we will be starting to offer our services in the Palm Beach Gardens area. We will be subleasing space from another occupational therapy facility in Palm Beach Gardens with the intent to open our own “north branch” of Interplay in the near future. Unfortunately at this time we will only have access to the space once a week and therefore we can only offer a limited amount of appointments at this time. Thank you for your patience.


We do all this as our commitment to you, to better serve your needs.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact Pilar at (954)296-3861 , Michelle (561)450-5080 or email us via our contact form.

The InterPlay Team